Chacala – a name we had never before known but now a name we will never forget. We are most thankful to you for your invitation to stay in your lovely home. In fact, we are glad you convinced us to amend out original plans of staying 3 days! What incredible hosts you are! From our night excursion through the jungle to our market visits to our quite reading times, we are enchanted. You ensured we felt pampered. Even your design of a windowed surrounded by a never-ending aura of luxury. Could anyone ever accurately portray the scenery? Each glimpse reminds us God’s purposeful construction and the glory He deserves. No view is superb to another; each is merely a different aspect of perfection. All in all, the magnificence of this home can only be equalled by the magnificence of the hosts, the scenery and the people of Chacala and we are grateful to you for sharing this with us.
Don & Judy Fletcher

Such a beautiful home and we feel fortunate to have been here as your first guest. We also discovered Chacala as guests at the wedding. Our stay was too short but so memorable. We hate to leave. Margarita is wonderful. Thank you for letting us share your dream.
N. Hench

Gorgeous spot, amazing house and Margarita is great! Great food, great people, great town. Lovely place to be any time, but especially to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. Already thinking of a vacation back. Thank you.
A. Hench

We were so impressed by the design of the house! The kitchen, living area (with thatched roof,) bedrooms, pool area – every last detail is so well done. We hope to be back for a full week or two next time. Two nights just weren’t enough… We loved the views and the beach – everything was amazing, especially Margarita and her delicious cooking and drink making abilities! Thank you so much for sharing this special place with us. It is absolutely fantastic!
B. Hench


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